Our company undertakes the completion of every stone construction, small or large, from the design to the implementation. In particular, we undertake to build stone buildings, stone structures such as handmade fireplaces, ovens, grills and stone coverings.  

We also undertake both building restorations and exterior renovations such as sidewalks, walls, enclosures, paving, internal / external stairs, We use different types of stones such as quarry stones, “astakopetra” stones, Karystos stones, cornerstones and porous stones.

Our experienced and specialized personnel has the technical expertise and artistry to lay out areas with stones thus ensuring high quality and aesthetic results. The excellent technical specifications of our work and our competitive prices guarantee to meet all your needs. 

Specifically, we undertake:

  • Construction of stone houses: The construction of stone houses is an art that requires experience, technical knowledge and a lot of artistry and care.
  • Building restoration: The restoration is done in both indoor and outdoor areas by keeping unchanged the features of each building and its unique architecture. 
  • Building covering: The covering with stone provides both high aesthetic and functional characteristics to a building or a structure.  
  • Shop decoration: Stone decoration can provide a particular look in an area or even in a corner, by giving a warm, friendly and noticeable feeling.  
  • Landscaping of outdoor areas: By continuously following the emerging trends in architecture and decoration, we create areas with special design and high aesthetic, always based on your own taste. 

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